Ann - They were courteous, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire procedure. I would rate them a perfect 10! They made everything so simple and cozy! I definitely would not have been where I am today if I had decided to go through it with my business partner. Lol.

MERRY GABRIELA - We contacted this location for Mobile notary services. I called, and they answered right away and were professional. When someone answered, one of their staff members immediately called me. He was so peaceful and helpful. When you phone these businesses, you get the impression that they are afraid of you or will con you. They were outstanding!

Kevin C - We all know how hectic things have been for the working class. It is almost impossible to have time for yourself in a day, and any document that requires my attention is not getting any. A1 Notary saved me a lot of drama and headaches by always being on time. Much love.

Cory C - Incredible service and an absolutely easy process and experience.

Jesse D - Kim is amazing!

Patty G - Kimberly was not only professional and accommodating, she was able to come to my home the same day and work In my very challenging situation to notarize time sensitive, out of state very complex documents involving my POA and she made it all work. She went above and beyond and I recommend A 1 Mobile Notary to anyone needing a notary now or any time in the future !!!

Blair W - Kim was SUPER FAST and Professional! I had a document that needed to be notarized and she showed up within 30 minutes and got it done! She will definitely be my go-to notary for any future documents! Thanks Kim!

Kari S - Kim was very professional and came to my house the same morning that I called her. Quick, easy, friendly!!

Marc B - Kim saw me in short notice and help me with my paperwork 100% recommend